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Thursday, March 17, 2011
On a cloudy day.

Well not's particularly sunny today. Lovely.

I'm ridiculously happy today so I thought that I would try my knack at writing again.

Unfortunately this year I gave up bread for lent so really I have no
recipes to share today but I do promise to get back to baking once I can stand not sinking my teeth into a scrumptious cupcake covered with equally decadent frosting of some sort.

Today I ran the longest I have ever run in my life and I can honestly say that I wanted to die the last 10 minutes. It felt exhilarating. A feeling I never thought that I would equate with running.  The old me would have mean mugged you if you even mentioned getting off the couch for anything but eating. Not today. I slipped on my shoes (which I haven’t had to re-lace since I got them two months ago!) and went into the cool morning for my run. I should mention that about a week and a half ago I got knocked down by a dog while I was running.

Laugh if you must but trust me it did happen.
Grace! As innocent as she looks she was the first culprit to knock me over!

I swear she came out of nowhere. The first time I encountered her she kind of nudged me in the back of the leg but then continued to run next to me. Which was okay but then after 20 minutes of running with me
(yes I said 20 minutes) she got impatient and nudged me again except this time I was clearly lacking balance and I fell to my knee, twisting my ankle on the way down. Trust me this is not the first time I have had dogs follow me or knock me over. They've even followed me home. I'm a dog magnet! Anyways I injured my ankle which still happens to be swollen and the pressure from today's run irritated it a bit.

Regardless today has been an awesome day. Not even the special on the plague I'm watching can ruin my good happy mood. The only thing I need to make this day 10x better is some Tiramisu (hint hint... Look forward to a post on that soon) which I have acquired a deep love for.  Damn you lent. Only 37 days left until
Easter and the end of my lent!

Oh by the way Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope everyone is engaging in my favorite pastime...pinching people who don't wear green! What can I say; I’m a simple kind of girl.

Until next time eat some cake for me! Please!


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